Chartwell Capital Advisors

The name "Chartwell" derives from Winston Churchill's home in
‚ÄčKent, England

Rob is a student of history and occasionally lectures on topics that interest him. He chose the name "Chartwell" because of Churchill's resilience and encouragement to the British people to "never, never give in" during their darkest hour. Rob believes that in business and life, the greatest virtue is perseverance and a fighting spirit, especially when the cause is noble.

Chartwell was founded in 2000
by Rob Smith 

Prior to Chartwell, Rob had a diverse business career. In addition to being a lawyer and real estate developer, he owned a diverse portfolio of companies in the retail, manufacturing, wholesale distribution and technology industries. He has employed over 4,000 people. Rob has had "first hand" experiences in crafting solutions to many thorny legal, finance, tax, accounting, investment management and insurance issues. Once a financial enterprise is successful, the next challenge for the ownership is business succession and estate planning. Chartwell provides the legal, accounting and financial planning services to help businesses and business owners save money, plan for the future and retain wealth.

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