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Robert C. Smith, PLC is a different kind of law firm. Its founder, Rob Smith (bio (link to has an extensive background as a principal in many operating businesses, including real estate development and construction projects. In owning and operating businesses, Rob has personally experienced most every type of legal issue imaginable, including the pain of paying for legal services  that were over-priced and not performed well. Having been in the shoes of the business client,  Rob is especially sensitive to such needs. Legal services should be conducted to achieve an ascertainable goal at  an identifiable  value for such goals.

Robert C. Smith, PLC has a “ think outside the box”  structure. Rob’s experience as a builder/developer is the genesis for the firm’s “sub it out” mentality. Clients need  “wise counseling” to think through and manage legal issues, they do not need to pay for an army of lawyers with very myopic specialties. We identify a client’s needs and usually work with other counsel to put the best people on the job at the most affordable price and then we manage and monitor the legal process for our clients.  We only work with people we trust who share our values.

The firm works very closely with our sister firm Chartwell Capital Advisors (  which allows us to provide an array of professional and financial services to our clients. This holistic approach allows us to view all of a client’s needs; as legal, financial, tax, accounting, wealth management and risk avoidance issues are all interdependent and related to one another.

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Robert C. Smith, PLC