All matters between Chartwell Capital Advisors and its clients are strictly  confidential. The following testimonials preserve this confidentiality. Should a potential client wish to have a reference from existing or past clients, such information shall be provided.

"Our family owns lands that have been in our family for many generations. Our patriarch was dying and had executed a will with another attorney which would have caused major financial and tax  problems.  Rob got involved in a very emotional family manner. A generation skipping dynasty trust was formed. His quick thinking and cool manner allowed our family to avoid substantial estate taxes and the property can now pass estate tax free to future generations. We then started using Chartwell’s financial services and have been very pleased."

"Our family owns a closely held corporation doing over $50 million in sales. Rob looked at our financial statements and immediately came up with a list of suggestions. He saved us money on our worker’s comp insurance and we got better coverage. He put together a group benefits program allowing us to keep valued employees.  Employees were able  to build wealth in retirement funds and reduce their health care contributions. We amended our federal tax returns and Rob also got our property taxes into an abatement program. I would strongly recommend having Rob and his team at Chartwell evaluate your closely held business.  We are now working with Chartwell on a business succession plan."

"I have known Rob for many years. One day he called me  and told he thought he could save me millions of dollars in taxes.  A few months later, I received a 7 digit check back from the IRS and had amended  3 years’ worth of depreciation schedules which saved me millions in additional cash flow. Ironically, the large law firm and accounting firm I was using at the time knew nothing about the tax methodology that Rob employed."   

"Rob and Chartwell helped my company raise the investment capital we needed to get started in 2000. We are now one of the largest businesses  in our industry in Virginia. Every year, we do the “Chartwell Checkup” and have Chartwell evaluate our legal, accounting, insurance, retirement, group benefits and finance needs. It is an incredibly useful process that has allowed us to increase our profitability and business efficiency every year."                                                                      

"My family runs several businesses. We have all sorts of legal needs. Rob manages our legal work, by using his firm and co-counseling with other lawyers. This approach saves us money and gets us better legal representation because Rob can “value engineer”  our legal work and find the best approach and the best people for each legal tasks. He is a lawyer who actually tries to save his clients money on legal fees."